How-To Wear The Dungaree 2.0

Fashion is a funny thing. Not only does it provide actual laugh-out-loud moments (the mankini) but it also has a funny way of sneaking up on you at the most unexpected times. Case in point – the overall/dungaree trend.

The overall 2.0 trend recently style radared me while I was watching a flick about small yellow pill-shaped cartoon villains. Not my usual location for fashion inspiration. But I’ll take it. And really, what The Flintstone’s did for leopard print and a distressed hem can’t be taken lightly.

The ‘Minions’, as the mini criminals style themselves, worked a denim dungaree that made even their unusual pill-shaped physiques look semi-stylish. I walked out of that cinema with overalls on my mind. And the very next day my news feed fed me more: a super stylish image of English fashionista, Pandora Sykes, showing off her best-in-overall work for The Coveteur.

Pandora Sykes Overalls
Pandora Sykes for

Agreed. Ms Sykes nailed it. The killer heel, the striped long-sleeved tee – it all works.

Overalls or dungarees as they are also known are a tricky trend with an anti-style history; the original version was popular with people handy with a pitchfork, a tool not generally associated with high fashion. Or any fashion really. Next up the 90s reboot – wearers looked one dance step away from releasing a hip hop album or, like they were on ‘work detail’ for The Big House. Which is not Downton Abbey. I’m talking prison… Luckily the skinny jean has since become a staple and denim designers have successfully incorporated this slice of style into the new version of the overall, updating it to make it chic and wearable.

To avoid falling down the dungaree anti-style pothole, here a few key tricks and tips to work this cool piece into your wardrobe:

  1. Go for a skinny-leg style. You’ve got a great pair of pins and you know how to use them.
  2. Pair with heels. The pointier the better. Plus really pointy heels work well in street fight situations. Don’t laugh. This is highly likely. You’ll be looking so fly, passerbys will be trying to style your steal. Directly off your back.
  3. Or wear with flats. An espadrille, a plimsoll or a rock n’ roll ankle boot is the low-fi shoe option for a casual Sunday look.
  4. Go for any denim hue you like – black, white, light blue, dark wash – avert your eyes and your wallet from floral denim prints.
  5. Avoid pairing with lumberjack style boots. Insert 90s hip hop reference here.
  6. Still feeling shy? Go for the dress version as worn (frequently) by Alexa Chung – this is the soft launch version of taking up this style trend.





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