Stop Press: September Beauty Edit

The September issue of Vogue is the largest of the year, it’s so large, there’s even a movie about it. Starring, of course, editor extraordinaire Anna Wintour. Who is completely fabulous… and if only she knew about smiling, would actually be perfect. Obvs fashion is Large in September and so is beauty, so here’s my ‘bumper’ beauty edit of the latest and greatest to hit the stores (and my make-up bag) for September.

Charlotte Tilbury, make-up magician (she’s been in the biz for over 20 years and has serious cred in the gloss and style game) has launched an amazing new mascara, Full Fat Lashes. The prod intel says it curls, separates, boosts volume, lengthens, and adds drama. After trialling it, I say, it’s all those things and fully phat. That’s right P.H.A.T. Which is rap star code for super cool. I’ll have one for me and one for my, er, friend (whose name is also Lucie… weird). Where to buy? RRP approx $39.

Speaking of weight… Bobbi Brown has a fab new Weightless Powder Foundation. It does exactly what it says: goes on light, stays on, and feels barely there. Need more coverage? Combine with Bobbi’s BB Cream; a complete gem with an SPF 35. Perfect for spring fresh looking skin. Add to (low cal) shopping list. Where to buy? RRP $68.

Now to the skin… Clinique is doing Smart Serum. I’m completely on board with anything that makes me smarter. Oh sorry what? It doesn’t actually increase brain capacity? Oh right, got it… it’s the serum that’s wearing the smarty pants. Still… it was five years in the making by Clinique scientists, that’s enough validation to quick smart slather it on my skin. Where to buy? RRP $80 for 30ml, or upsize to a 50ml for $115.

Over on fragrance street: DKNY has released a new scent called MYNY. It’s accompanied pitch perfectly by an ad campaign featuring rock star, Rita O. Get it? Pitch perfect? Okay, forget it… According to the prod low down, Rita smells super nice; all raspberry, pink peppery, jasmine and freesia-ish. Naturally, MYNY is inspired by NYC. And actually… I’ll be in NYC later this year. Just saying, you know, in case anyone needs a face for a new fragrance campaign or, you know, whatever… Where to buy? Call 1800 061 326 for stockist dets. RRP from $65 for 30ml.

September Beauty Update 1